We will not promote ourselves using words on this web-site, it`s not our goal. The major concern of Amante Inc. is a big, stable, profitable and ever-evolving company with attractive ideas and possibilities for publishers. We do everything to be a such one, because only good work can create good reputation and it will serve as perfect promotion!

Join our company and you will increase your revenue, have stable income.

We are seriously interested in what we are doing and materialize modern ideas on our results, which we have.

Fixed Floor Rates
You can increase your revenue thanks to monetizing your inventory. We offer you fixed CPM terms. We do the best, it means, that you will never have unfilled inventory and you will always know what profit you can expect. In this way, you have stable income. 100% Fill Rate (mostly, at beneficial price) Amante Inc. guarantees 100% fill of your not sold inventory thanks to our wide reach out of advertisers across the cost spectrum. You can find this statement on another networks, but as opposed to them, we guaranty to reduce unfilled inventory to the maximum in order to get the highest profit.

Revenue Share We work with 80/20 revenue share in your favour!You can improve your profit by increasing your fill rates and as a result, your overall eCPM.

New ideas, new perspectives, the best results! We are always in touch with our publishers and ready to listen to all queries and requests from them.

Moreover, Amante Inc. is always under development of new technologies, approaches and methods of the best performance of your traffic. Do you know the best way of monetization of your inventory?! Share with us your ideas, because it boosts your revenue. Transparency and payouts Amante Inc. cooperates only with time proved advertisers. It means quality campaigns on your websites. As concerned the kind of advertising, you have absolute freedom to choose your campaigns. We can help to choose you the most acceptable vertical list with us for starting cooperation. We guarantee absolute transparency with real-time logins and e-mail contacts for all your requests. Moreover, we release our payment always in time and it makes us the preferred choice for more than 60+ publishers.

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